Wroclaw, Poland, 29-30/06


Our Venue

In June we are going to meet in Wrocław, Poland. The 1000 year old city has plenty of venues but we have decided to invite you to Łącznik Club. Łącznik – The Connector – is a part of an old tram depot complex. It is located between two huge tram halls, so the industrial atmosphere of that place is breathtaking.

The vibe of that place is magical, and so different festivals, concerts and events such as Olympus Perspective Playground take place there. See for yourself!


Spectate the show.
Become immersed.

Join us for an electrifying display of skill, artistry, and competition. Witness the continent’s best yo-yo masters as they battle for the title in an event like no other. Are you ready to be amazed? Spin into the action – where champions are made, legends are born, and the yo-yo becomes an art form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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